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It was pretty straightforward and easy. She took most of the information over the phone.- Danell T. Cordray
My Loan Originator didn’t judge me based on past credit history. I just wanted to determine if this loan was really something feasible and affordable for me. I expected the process was typical of all lenders. Information was posted online so that I could see it.- Dustin P. Doherty
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Borrowers Should not Forget the Basics in Lending
It goes without saying that the reason for applying for a home loan is to have it approved by the lender. But for some borrowers that is the most difficult step. Most “in the biz” agree that the...
Underwriting Overlays and Why They Exist
The basic process of “doing” a loan is relatively simple: the borrower provides the lender documents proving that they are credit worthy, the lender reviews the documentation and the status of...
Things to Keep in Mind When Obtaining a Mortgage
Mortgage rates continue to be low – hovering around 3% to 4% for a 30-yr fixed rate mortgage – and borrowers have a renewed interest in seeing if they can refinance. Borrowers across the...