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What are the Benefits of Working With a Small-to-Midsize Lender?
Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Many borrowers tell their loan officers that they prefer obtaining their mortgage through a smaller shop rather than a huge national bank. That is an interesting phenomenon – what is happening out there? After all, aren’t the rates and prices all the same?   It turns out, the answer is “no.” For smaller lenders, size is critical. They are more nimble. Midsized firms,...
Down Payments Are Still Very Important
Thursday, September 27, 2018
For a lender, down payments represent “skin in the game” since the more money a borrower can put toward a house the more the buyer will lose if they stop making payments. For many borrowers, attempting to put as little down toward the purchase of a house is standard, as they would rather have more money left over for furnishings, landscaping, and so on.     FHA...
What is a Letter of Explanation? And why does my lender ask for one?
Monday, August 13, 2018
When a borrower is trying to get a loan for a house, one of the things they'll need to do is fill out a lot of paperwork. In many cases that paperwork explains everything the lender and their underwriter needs to know. But in some cases that's not true, and a letter of explanation is needed. While that might seem daunting, or like there's a problem with the borrower's application,...