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It was pretty straightforward and easy. She took most of the information over the phone.- Danell T. Cordray
She did a lot of things different than other companies. She told me how the process was going to go right from the beginning. I felt like she was on my team. She was honest.- Anthony Wilson
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Yes, Sometimes Borrowers are Turned Down for a Mortgage – Then What?
As the jumbo loan and refinance market begins to pick up, it’s important to remind consumers of important tips to ensure their credit is and remains in good standing before applying for a mortgage...
What is “mortgage insurance”? Does it affect me?
What is “mortgage insurance”? Does it affect me? Mortgage insurance, commonly known as “MI”, is insurance on your mortgage. In other words, basically it is insurance payable to a...
The Appraisal Process is Important When Buying a Home
What are top originators telling their clients about the appraisal process? Some have created a table of helpful information that those refinancing can provide that will make things go more smoothly. Recent...